Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Capital 'I' and lowercase 'i'


            Last Monday,mdm Shahniza ask the class what is difference between Internet and internet but still no one can answer her correctly.Thus,she ask us to create a post in this blog about the difference and example of internet application.Now I wanna ask you,do you know what is difference between Internet and internet?you also do not have any idea about it right?No worries,i will help you with that. Besides the difference in capital 'I' and lowercase 'i",they also have difference in their meaning. Internet refer to world wide web and what most people think when they say Internet,while internet refer to  a bunch of small LANS connected together to form some kind of host-to-host packet delivery service or in simple word local intranet. So now you know about the difference,lets go to example of Intenet application. Before we talk about the example,let me tell you a little bit about Internet application itself. Internet applications is a phrase referring to the programs that are on your computer to be used for the internet. Example of this application is Google apps etc.Thats all for now,till we meet again.Have a good day everyone :D