Saturday, 17 November 2012

BZ Week

It has been the fourth week of November..and the time has ticking all the time saying that the "due date is nearer","the lecturer wanna see the project","tests and quizzes is around the corner","end of the semester is only a month and so" etc...the voices is haunting me..but still i always believe that Allah will ease the way for me..thus although it is going to a hard month for me, i am not feeling so stress about it cause i feel that i can do it in the time given to me..Insya-Allah.,hopefully my friends who is having problems like mine would feel better after reading this as HE is always with us,so be STRONG.Btw,tomorrow my friends and i will be starting to film our next movie for 3rd language subject. The story is mystery cum scary type of movie..hopefully we can finished film the movie in the time given.Pray for us. I'll will try to update the progress of our movie on my next entry. Gonna continue doing my works,till we meet again. Have a nice day people! As Salam :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hi people~ :D

How's your weekend? My weekend is almost the same like every other week only that i didn't go back to my home this weekend because we had a test on Friday evening plus we need to submit an assignment on Saturday. This week has been a lazy week for me (actually all week is lazy week..haha), maybe it has been too long i took a break from my study since the holiday started so it took quite a some time for me to get into my momentum back...i don't think i perform in my quiz and tests this week, i promise i'll cover back on next quiz and test. By the way,now i'm busy finishing my assignments that need to be submitted next week as next Tuesday and Thursday is another holiday for the students..YAHOOO!! Can't wait for that day...
I think that's all for now,till we meet again. Have a nice day people :)

reallyyyyy wanna try this
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bon Jour!!

It's been a long time since i update my blog...i'm very is my last day of mid sem break. I don't feel like going back to Shah Alam but in the name of study i have too..i haven't finished my assignment yet study for my test and quizzes..i really truly enjoy my holiday at home..although i just stay at my home during the holiday period..FYI,on eid family and I had visited my uncle at Bukit Jelutong as my other relatives lives in Kelantan and Terengganu. So as this Adha we didn't go back to Kelantan and Terengganu,we only visit our relative near KL and Selangor. This holiday, i've been told a bad news and good news...The bad news is my teacher from secondary school had past away on 28th Nov 2012..I'm close with that teacher although i've just known him for 1/2 year only..May Allah bless his soul and he is placed among the righteous people..AL-FATIHAH...the good news is my friend (Areesa Hazreq), a close friend of mine since we in diploma until now has got engaged on that same day...
                                               (credit to mr. Google)
WOHOOO...I'm so happy for her...i feel like crying of happiness when i heard about it...:')  Hope she always be happy with her fiance until her wedding and till Jannah 
                                          (credit to mr. Google) 
I think that's all for now..till we meet again..May Allah bless our day and