Friday, 28 December 2012

Study Week

Yesterday, my friends and I were hold captive for almost half a day ( from 2.02pm until 8.13pm - luckily for me) at the corridor way of the lecturers' room. It was like a pack sardine can, but instead of sardines filled with IT students, laptops, chargers and extension wires which makes the place haywire. Curse to the system demo presentation! (I'm just kidding madam) but Alhamdulillah all went well and I was grateful for the comments received. InsyaAllah my team and I will improve on the system development in the future.

As the final examination is drawing nearer, I wish all the best to all my coursemates. May the odds be with you! (quoted by Hunger Game) Have a good fight with the papers, bring extra bullets should you need one.

Till next time, Assalamualaikum. :-)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

~Last Class~


Today is Monday and it's not a blues Monday as it is polka dot Monday as I wearing polka dot baju kurung's also not blues Monday as our class today is only for 1 hour starting at 9-10 am..GREAT! Like always,our beloved madam has never forget to give us task to update the blog..and today is about UDDI(Universal Description Discovery and Integration)..before i write on about UDDI, today after class me,areesa and wong need to go to our part-time job as not enough workers today. That's why i update my blog on time as i'm online early today, and the spirit of updating my blog today has come in me..haha...end of story about my day today,let's move on about UDDI. UDDI we can say that it is one of the element of SOAP..SOAP as in the protocol for web service not soap as in SOAP like below
 UDDI have 3 components which is white,green and yellow pages. UDDI is said to be not very relevant for nowadays web service that is why it is rarely used now in web service. I think that's all for now,till we meet again. Have a nice day everyone!


Hai..sorry 4 the long-time-not-update-the-blog..i'm quite bz with my projects and assignments in my hands..i have to do a system using netbeans that i'm not very good with it,that i need more time to learn to do it right..hope that i can accomplish all my projects at the given time...aamin...btw,last monday on webtech class we learn our last subject on semantic web which is OWL or the ontology. OWL has 3 types which is Lite,DL and Full. But 4 us, we only need to learn Lite. On my previous post, i told you guys about a movie that my friend and i need to shoot and we've finish shooting it..YAHOOO~ 1 task has the end of this post i'll attach some of the photos taken during the shooting..i'll think about ot wether to post the full video here or not...ngeee...for now,only the photos that i can post...enjoy the photos..have a nice weekend and enjoy ur day!