Friday, 28 December 2012

Study Week

Yesterday, my friends and I were hold captive for almost half a day ( from 2.02pm until 8.13pm - luckily for me) at the corridor way of the lecturers' room. It was like a pack sardine can, but instead of sardines filled with IT students, laptops, chargers and extension wires which makes the place haywire. Curse to the system demo presentation! (I'm just kidding madam) but Alhamdulillah all went well and I was grateful for the comments received. InsyaAllah my team and I will improve on the system development in the future.

As the final examination is drawing nearer, I wish all the best to all my coursemates. May the odds be with you! (quoted by Hunger Game) Have a good fight with the papers, bring extra bullets should you need one.

Till next time, Assalamualaikum. :-)

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