Sunday, 9 December 2012


Hai..sorry 4 the long-time-not-update-the-blog..i'm quite bz with my projects and assignments in my hands..i have to do a system using netbeans that i'm not very good with it,that i need more time to learn to do it right..hope that i can accomplish all my projects at the given time...aamin...btw,last monday on webtech class we learn our last subject on semantic web which is OWL or the ontology. OWL has 3 types which is Lite,DL and Full. But 4 us, we only need to learn Lite. On my previous post, i told you guys about a movie that my friend and i need to shoot and we've finish shooting it..YAHOOO~ 1 task has the end of this post i'll attach some of the photos taken during the shooting..i'll think about ot wether to post the full video here or not...ngeee...for now,only the photos that i can post...enjoy the photos..have a nice weekend and enjoy ur day!

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